Knowing the condition of your building and its systems is key to maintaining and repairing it. We believe that when a building is well maintained, the inhabitants are safer, healthier, and benefit in a myriad of ways from general peace of mind. We believe that communities benefit when its buildings are in great shape, and their occupants are comfortable. We believe that the environment benefits when we take care of what we have already built.

We are familiar with new construction and historic buildings, and recognize the ways in which they function differently by design. We are familiar with the unique needs of vacant homes, tenant occupied spaces, and recent renovations. And we know that the technical knowledge, and psychological comfort is different for everyone, and we do our absolute best to communicate, educate, and advise effectively to everyone, no matter their level of knowledge on buildings and facility care.


We provide high quality inspections for home buyers, homeowners, renters, landlords, realtors, and more. We can also provide recommended narrative scopes of work for repairs, anticipated construction budgets, and bidding documents for potential contractors as additional services.

    • Single Family or Multi-unit
    • Real Estate Sales
    • Rentals
    • Vacant and Occupied
    • Recurring Maintenance Programs


We leverage our backgrounds in engineering and commercial construction to thoroughly detailed reports to our commercial clients.

    • Retail, Office, and Warehouse space
    • Renters and Landlords
    • Recurring/Maintenance

  • Please call our office at (313) 597-6911 to book Commercial Inspections


We work with developers, construction managers, owner’s representatives, and lenders, to monitor progress on construction jobsites, and meet the needs of our construction clients.

    • Plan and Cost Review
    • Draw Inspections
    • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
    • Safety Review

    Please call our office at (313) 597-6911 to book Construction Inspections


We would like to offer annual inspections for small community based non profit organizations free of charge. Capacity is limited, but we would like to help you take care of your assets so you can continue to provide your valuable services

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